Customer service should not merely be paying lip service but giving something of real value to the player regarding anything to do with the casino operations, in relation to the player. Customer Support is never taken for granted at SlotsVillage casino. In line with our philosophy of offering top notch customer service, there are a number of communication options open to players in order to offer as wide a range as possible.

Live Chat is by far the most convenient of all methods and the most widely used by players at SlotsVillage casino. It is quick, anonymous, you can think before writing your questions within the chat service or you can wait a while to answer the customer service representative in order to give you time to check facts. It is in effect even better than a telephone service, as it allows more time to think before communicating and more time to check on details or facts. You are not rushed using Live Chat unlike using the telephone. Nevertheless, of you prefer telephone communication then you can call a toll free number and be dealt with promptly.

Support is 24/7 and whichever method you choose to use to communicate with, you will be answers promptly and efficiently.

The email method of communication is very useful as it allows you to include more info in the email body, and you will still get a prompt answer, possibly with more details.

When it comes to our VIP Loyalty scheme, you can expect to be treated like royalty, with the very best, personalized service imaginable.

In addition to the live chat, telephone and email communication services, you will find useful information in the FAQ where several interesting questions are answered.

When it comes to the protection of sensitive data, state of the art encryption software is used to ensure communication methods are secure and private. We take security and privacy issues very seriously and believe in using the latest and best protection systems in every area of casino operations for customer communication to transmission of financial data through banking.

SlotsVillage customer support service is what one would expect from a premium online casino operator. Not only are the communication methods broad but the personnel are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.